Getting iTunes Error 1015. How To Restore iPhone 3G Lost Data?

Let's take an example of a practical situation wherein you loses some of your essential documents from your iPhone 3G model and try to restore the lost data from iTunes application. No doubt the device gets connected but after some time the file restoration process ends up with an annoying error message saying:

  • "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1015)

As soon as the error message flashes on your screen your mind goes to the state of disappointment with a big question mark of "How to restore iPhone 3G data without iTunes"? Similar kind of error message may also occur when you probably update your iPhone 3G in an unlocked state. Undoubtedly iTunes is one of the most preferable application to carry out file transferring and restoration process. It is available with all iOS devices and is supportive to all it's versions.


However behind such an unfortunate erroneous situation the main cause which is responsible is incompatible or outdated version of iTunes with iPhone 3G device. Thus to fix iTunes error 1015 issue all you need to do is to upgrade iTunes to it's recent version. Or else you can also go through the steps given below to find a resolution for the error:

  • Install recent Apple iOS version and then switch to DFU mode in iPhone
  • Turn off your iPhone and then sync it to your computer
  • Now launch iTunes application
  • Press power and home button together for about 10 seconds
  • After some time free power button but keep holding the home button until USB input is recognized by the system

The above cited steps will surely fix iTunes error 1015 and allows you to detect and read iPhone data without arising any trouble. If anyhow the problem persist and you receive the same error message even after following the methods then you are required to switch to a third party iPhone File Transfer software tool instead of using iTunes to backup and restore iPhone 3G data. The professional software backup and restore lost iPhone contacts, emails, events, call history, journals, notes etc without losing any of your data.


User Guide: How To Use The Software

Step 1:

Install the software and then launch it from your system desktop icon. Connect your iPhone 3G mobile to your computer in which the software is installed. The device gets detected by the software and a list of iPhone files get displayed.

Step 2:

Select the files which are to be backed up and click on Export button

Step 3:

The window given below popup asking you to select a to backup to computer or iTunes directly. But before proceeding for the file transfer process set the output folder at Advance → Option

Step 4:

As soon as the backup process completes the following window popup displaying a message of “Export Finished”. The backup files can be easily viewed from specific location