Restore Lost Contacts From iPhone When iTunes Backup Corrupt

Lost contact list from iPhone? Want to restore the deleted or lost iPhone contacts? Looking for an easy and effective method? No wonder iPhone is a revolutionary invention of Apple Inc which has grabbed lot of people attention with it's extraordinary features and specifications. The large storage capacity of the device allows you to store all your personal data such as emails, contacts, notes, journals, calender entries, appointment settings etc within it. However like all other digital device iPhone also remains surrounded with issues like data loss or corruption.

Apple has provided a backup file for every iOS devices which is usually generated by iTunes. Once you have synced your iPhone with iTunes the application automatically creates a backup file and keeps on updating it everytime you sync. So that whenever you lose your valuable data lets consider your iPhone contacts you can restore then from iTunes backup file. Although the iTunes application works fine however there are situations when you attempt to restore your lost or deleted contacts from iTunes you receive an error message saying:

  • "backup corrupt and incompatible"

As soon as you receive the error message you start panicking that you would be able to recover your lost contacts or not. iTunes backup might get corrupt every now and then can can cause a real problem from all iPhone users. In most of the cases it has been found that iTunes backup file usually fails due to reasons like:


  • Incompatible iTunes process
  • Difference between iOS versions during upgrade
  • Abrupt power breakdown

Such corruptions issues make it difficult or even impossible for you to restore lost iPhone contacts without iTunes. Thus to avoid such kind of critical scenarios you are always recommended to use a third party iPhone File Transfer software to create a valid backup of your iPhone files. The software is per-requisite before you experience data loss situation. It not only backup your iPhone files but also restore them back during data loss situation.

Moreover the easy to use interface of the software makes it a perfect solution to backup and restore lost contacts from iPhone for both professional and amateur users. Not only contacts the software backup other iPhone data such as notes, emails, journals, calender entries, appointment settings etc within few clicks. Since the software is supportive to all iPhone versions you can easily restore files from iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and the most recent iPhone 5 without having any compatibility issues.


User Guide: How To Use The Software

Step 1:

Install the recommended software following easy installation wizard on your computer and connect your iPhone device to it. As soon as you connect the device the software detect the device and display list of all your iPhone files

Step 2:

From the list displayed select the files which are to be backed up and click on the Export button

Step 3:

The given window popup asking you to choose to backup to computer or iTunes directly. Before transferring your iPhone files you are advised to set the output folder at Advance-> Option

Step 4:

Soon after the backup process completes the following window with Export Finished message gets displayed on your screen. After that you can view the backup files from the specified location